External Job Advertisements

The SFU Career Center is a great way to post and collect resumes but exposure can be limited. Cast your net wider by leveraging other sources of advertisement to increase visibility and the potential to attract a larger, more diverse candidate pool. 

In support of our institutional priorities and commitments focused on enhancing recruitment and inclusion of equity-deserving groups, we strongly encourage hiring managers to advertise on job sites that reach equity-deserving groups. Please reach out to the Director, EDI if you need support with equity, diversity and inclusion in recruitment. Please contact your applicable HR Specialist for inquiries relating to recruitment.

Job Board Rates

BC Tech Jobs

Ideal for job opportunities in the fields of Software and Programming, Information Technology, Engineering, Science, Telecommunications, and Biotechnology.

$219 - 60 day posting


BC's largest high tech and IT career listing service for IT professionals.

$175 - 60 day posting

Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology

SCWIST membership represents all fields in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and members have a wide range of skills, expertise and leadership levels. 

$150 - 90 day posting

$350 - 90 day premium posting

*This list is not exhaustive and hiring departments are not limited to the options above. We welcome recommendations for job boards that are not currently listed.

**Rates are subject to change.

How to Advertise on External Sites

When completing a Job Posting Requisition, select the option to post on external site and specify the website in the space provided.

Tip: Think about external advertising options before you submit your posting request. Consider what sites are available and best suited for the role, your advertising budget, previous advertising efforts and success rates.