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Option 1

Ask IT Services to record lectures for you

Your lectures will be recorded automatically when it starts; and the recordings will be uploaded to your Mediasite catalogue or account automatically. 

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Option 2


You can record lectures using your preferred applications (e.g. Zoom, MyMediasite, etc.) with the equipment in your classroom. This requires you to set up the technologies and handle the recordings yourself.

We recommend you to:

Schedule a demo or consultation with IT Services. Our IT staff can help you:

  • choose the right techonologies based on your needs and the availability of the equipment in the room
  • provide instructions or a demo on how to set up the equipment
  • find out if you need to book additional equipment

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Consult IT Services

Your classroom DOES NOT come with lecture recording equipment. However, we may be able to arrange portable lecture recording equipment based on the availability. Talk to us to find out the availability of the equipment or alternative methods to record lectures.

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Record virtual classes

You can install Zoom or Mediasite on your devices to record virtual classes. Check more details: