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Record, store, edit, and share in one place

Mediasite can be used for asynchronous teaching. It allows you to record lectures from your own computers, or classrooms on all three campuses. Recordings are automatically uploaded to your Mediasite account, accessible via browser, where you can store, edit, and share your recordings. Your Mediasite account can also be used to store lecture recordings done in other software to save space in your computers. Recordings in Mediasite are hosted at the SFU Data Centre in compliance with FIPPA. 


  • Record desktop on your own computer (with Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) installed)
  • Record in classrooms on all three campuses (Request needed)
  • Recordings from your computer or classrooms will be automatically uploaded to your MyMedisiate
  • View, edit, and manage your recordings online
  • Control visibility, create playlists, and share recordings 
  • Can be integrated into Canvas


One-on-one IT support

You can schedule an online support time with IT Services in advance, if you want to:

  • Receive a technical walk through of Mediasite
  • Ask a technical question about Mediasite or lecture recording
  • Learn more about how to use Mediasite or lecture recording service

Available to

Faculty, and staff

Students are expected to access class videos through Canvas, NOT Mediasite

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