About Us

Welcome from the chair

I'm proud to welcome you to the Department of Mathematics at SFU. We are one of the top ten math departments in Canada, with internationally-respected programs and faculty.  Our expertise and curiosity combine with a friendly atmosphere to attract students and researchers from across Canada and around the world to study and collaborate with us.

Strength in research is the cornerstone of our department's activities. We collaborate with researchers in many disciplines to produce ground-breaking scholarship, contributing to advances in mathematics and its applications in fields like engineering, medicine, and genomics.  We are particularly recognized for our strength in computational mathematics across both pure and applied mathematics.

Our educational priorities emerge from our research strengths, and we are committed to the training of mathematicians and users of mathematics from the undergraduate to the post-doctoral level.  Our award-winning teaching faculty is just one testament to our achievements: we have two 3M Teaching Fellows in our ranks.

Mathematics students at SFU, whatever their programs and goals, receive an education that's second to none.  Rigorous, varied, up-to-date coursework and thesis programs challenge our students to do their best work, whether they continue in academia or move into industry.  Research opportunities give graduate-school-bound undergraduates a unique experience early in their academic career, setting them up for success.

What truly sets us apart, however, is our collegial environment.  As a department, we value collaboration, and our faculty and staff go out of their way to connect with and support students.  From workshops to professional development sessions to community outreach, we bring together a full range of educational experiences for students, fellow mathematicians, and the wider community.

We invite your inquiries.

Manfred Trummer, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor, Mathematics