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MATH 292 -  If it's true, prove it! An Introduction to Mathematical Proofs and Proof Techniques.

An important part of mathematics research is to investigate and discover patterns, and then prove the patterns hold in all cases. This course introduces students to these important skills. By studying mathematical logic, methods of argument, and the foundations of mathematics, students will gain a better understanding of what it means to prove things and how to do so rigorously – whether you have never proved anything before, or you have encountered proofs in another course... Read More...

MATH 468 - Topics in Quantative Modeling in Biology, Stochastic Processes in Biology

Natural systems are inherently random. In this course we will survey mathematical methods from the study of stochastic processes through the lens of ecology, evolution, and epidemiology. You will apply methods from probability, dynamical system modelling, and statistics to address questions arising in the natural world from modelling conservation to pandemics... Read More...

MATH 441/741 - Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic geometry is the study of the algebra and the geometry of solution sets of systems of polynomial equations. We will study polynomials using ideals of rings like C[x, y] to understand their geometry. We will see some cool applications... Read More...

MATH 341 - Group Theory Algebra |||

Finite groups and subgroups. Cyclic groups and permutation groups. Cosets, normal subgroups and factor groups. Homomorphisms and isomorphisms. Fundamental theorem of finite abelian groups. Sylow theorems. Read More...

MATH 462/762 - Fluid Dynamics of our Earth’s Environment

Fluid dynamics, the study of the motion of liquids and gases, is one of the classical branches of applied mathematics. Areas in the geosciences such as meteorology, oceanography, hydrology and glaciology, draw heavily on this mathematics for their quantitative underpinnings. The central theme of this course is the development of the mathematics for understanding the basic variables that describe the motion of  fluids: flow velocity, pressure and density. Read more...

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FAN and MACM Courses

  • FAN X92-2 - STT - Foundations of Analytical/Quantitative Reasoning II
  • FAN X99-4 - Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning
  • MACM 201-3 - Discrete Mathematics II
  • MACM 203-2 - Computing with Linear Algebra
  • MACM 204-2 - Computing with Calculus
  • MACM 316-3 - Numerical Analysis I
  • MACM 401-3 - Introduction to Computer Algebra
  • MACM 409-3 - Numerical Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications
  • MACM 416-3 - Numerical Analysis II
  • MACM 442-3 - Cryptography
  • MACM 498-3 - Special Topics in Mathematics and Computing Science

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