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Featured Courses - Spring 2023

MATH 320 - Introduction to Analysis II

This course is aimed at students interested in rigor, mathematics, and mathematical thinking. Along with analysis I and introductory algebra, this is a foundational course. That means the concepts and material in this course will be used in further, similarily-themed mathematics courses. Read more...

MATH 396 - Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases (Special Topic)

Have you ever wondered where COVID-19 models and forecasts come from? In this course you'll learn how to build and analyze mathematical models that describe how an infection spreads in a population, and make forecasts for its trajectory. Read more...

MATH 341 - Algebra III: Groups

Groups are possibly the fundamental structure in algebra. They appear in all sorts of mathematical fields from geometry, analysis, and combinatorics to far flung fields like physics and chemistry. Understanding these fundamental objects is essential for learning futher mathematics in many areas. Read more...

MATH 402W - Operations Research clinic

The Operations Research Clinic is unlike any math class you have taken before. You and your team will apply your skills to analyze problems of current local interest. Students in this course have produced 4 winning projects and 5 runner's up in the Canadian Operations Research Society's national undergraduate student paper competition. Read more...

MATH 440 - Galois Theory

Galois Theory is one of the most beautiful subjects in all of mathematics. Written down by the young mathematician Évariste Galois shortly before perishing in a duel, this theory relates the study of the roots of a polynomial and field extensions to that of group theory. This theory draws deep connections between many areas of mathematics and is absolutely fundamental for further study in algebra. Read more...

MATH 467 - Introduction to Dynamical Systems

Dynamical systems is devoted to the study of systems governed by difference and differential equations. We will focus on understanding the geometrical properties of trajectories and long term behaviour. This class is very approachable to students from mathematics, economics, physics, computing science, and beyond. Read more...

MATH 495 - Differential Geometry: Curves - Surfaces - Manifolds

Differential geometry is a core subject in mathematics. The tools of differential geometry are routinely used in most subfields of mathematics, while at the same time they have wide applications in various theoretical as well as applied disciplines such as physics (theory of relativity, mechanics) econometrics, computer graphics, signal processing, and statistics. Read more...

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FAN and MACM Courses

  • FAN X92-2 - STT - Foundations of Analytical/Quantitative Reasoning II
  • FAN X99-4 - Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning
  • MACM 201-3 - Discrete Mathematics II
  • MACM 203-2 - Computing with Linear Algebra
  • MACM 204-2 - Computing with Calculus
  • MACM 316-3 - Numerical Analysis I
  • MACM 401-3 - Introduction to Computer Algebra
  • MACM 409-3 - Numerical Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications
  • MACM 416-3 - Numerical Analysis II
  • MACM 442-3 - Cryptography
  • MACM 498-3 - Special Topics in Mathematics and Computing Science

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