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Featured Courses - FALL 2022

MATH 303 - The Mathematics of (Mostly olympic) Sport

This course studies applications of mathematical methods to problems in sport, with a particular emphasis on Olympic sporting events. The class will be organized roughly around weekly "modules," each of which focuses on a particular sport or a common issue relating to several sports. Read more...

MACM 416 - Numerical Analysis II

Differential Equations (DEs) are the building blocks for mathematical models of physical processes found throughout science and engineering. Since the vast majority of DEs cannot be solved exactly, it is vital to develop algorithms to compute approximate solutions. Read more...

MATH 408 - Discrete Optimization (Surrey)

Discrete optimization is a field that has grown almost from scratch in the past 70 years. This development is driven in part from its applicability to a wide range of practical problems, such as scheduling and network design, and its close ties to computer science. Read more...


How many beds do hospitals need to reduce emergency department overcrowding? How many COVID-19 cases will there be in the fall? How can airlines optimize their routes? How can supply chains for manufacturing be made more efficient? These are just some of the questions that simulation modelling is used to answer. Read more...

MATH 450 - Introduction to Topology

Some of us like coffee. Some of us like donuts. In what sense is a coffee cup similar to a donut? Such a question deals with mathematics in the field of topologyRead more...

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FAN and MACM Courses

  • FAN X92-2 - STT - Foundations of Analytical/Quantitative Reasoning II
  • FAN X99-4 - Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning
  • MACM 201-3 - Discrete Mathematics II
  • MACM 203-2 - Computing with Linear Algebra
  • MACM 204-2 - Computing with Calculus
  • MACM 316-3 - Numerical Analysis I
  • MACM 401-3 - Introduction to Computer Algebra
  • MACM 409-3 - Numerical Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications
  • MACM 416-3 - Numerical Analysis II
  • MACM 442-3 - Cryptography
  • MACM 498-3 - Special Topics in Mathematics and Computing Science

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