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Featured Course for Summer 2023 - MATH 426 Probability

Once when I was a student I told my father that I was studying for a probability exam. His response was “Well, that must be easy, because there’s nothing to study.” Now 30 years later I can tell you that there is definitely something to study. But to give my father some credit, confusion about what probability is about exactly is not uncommon. Is it a branch of math or physics? Part of philosophy? Or just common sense? In this class we will build on your earlier courses to develop probability as a branch of mathematics, while still keeping an eye on its deep connections to other fields. Read more...

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  • FAN X92-2 - STT - Foundations of Analytical/Quantitative Reasoning II
  • FAN X99-4 - Foundations of Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning
  • MACM 201-3 - Discrete Mathematics II
  • MACM 203-2 - Computing with Linear Algebra
  • MACM 204-2 - Computing with Calculus
  • MACM 316-3 - Numerical Analysis I
  • MACM 401-3 - Introduction to Computer Algebra
  • MACM 409-3 - Numerical Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications
  • MACM 416-3 - Numerical Analysis II
  • MACM 442-3 - Cryptography
  • MACM 498-3 - Special Topics in Mathematics and Computing Science

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