Research Awards & Competitions

We provide opportunities and support for undergraduate students to pursue research and collegial competition.

Undergraduate Student Research Awards

Undergraduate students in the SFU Math department can apply for the opportunity to gain hands-on research experience while working on actual projects. With the support of Undergraduate Student Research Awards, students work under the supervision of faculty doing full-time research. This prepares them to succeed in graduate programs and research environments beyond their undergraduate degrees.

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Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is held on the first Saturday of December each year. The SFU Math department provides opportunities for students to meet, prepare and participate in the competition.

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SFU Science Undergraduate Research Journal | SURJ

SFU SURJ is meant to act as an educational tool for undergraduate authors and undergraduate editors who wish to gain some first hand experience in the knowledge making process that is scientific research.

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