Featured Alumni

Our alumni go on to have fulfilling careers in teaching, esteemed positions in research, and leadership roles in innovative companies.

Meet some of our recent alumni. Explore the future endeavours your education in mathematics can set you up for.

  • Pouya Bastani, MSc (’09), Data Analytics Associate Director, S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Dan Benvenuti, MSc (’08), Director, Business Applications, Magnet Forensics
  • Peter Bradshaw, MSc ('20), PhD ('22), Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Jeremy Chiu, MSc (’15), Instructor, Langara College
  • Ross Churchley, PhD (’17), Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Richard Gibson, MSc (’08), Software Engineer, Metalhead Software
  • Krystal Guo, PhD ('15), Assistant Professor, Korteweg-De Vries Institute, University of Amsterdam
  • Brittany Froese Hamfeldt, MSc (’09), PhD (’12), Associate Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Ararat Harutyunyan, PhD (’11), Assistant Professor, Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Bamdad Hosseini, MSc (’13), PhD (’17), Assistant Professor, University of Washington
  • Clinton Innes, MSc (’14), Director, Integrated Analytics, Munich Re
  • Stephen Melczer, MSc (‘14), Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
  • Bryan Quaife, PhD (’11), Associate Professor, Florida State University
  • Mariolys Rivas, MSc (’10), Senior Consultant/Data Scientist Lead, CGI
  • Jeff Wiens, MSc (’11), PhD (’14), Principal Engineer, Scientific & ML Systems, Terramera