Advice & Support

Advising services update

Due to precautionary measures recently put in place to address COVID-19, in-person advising going forward will be changed to Zoom, email, and phone advising.

Email Advising

Make sure you send emails from your SFU account and include your student number. Attach your SFU advising transcript, if possible.



Please do not call the office line. Instead, please email the advising account ( For certain inquiries (course planning for declared students, degree progress checks, etc.), students may request a booked appointment via phone or Zoom.

Advisor Link coming soon!

Get in touch for help with:

  • Questions about admission requirements for joining the majors/honours or minor programs. 
  • Help with: registration | assessment tests | degree progress | graduation | achieving academic success | major and minor programs | careers and opportunities

Important Resources

  • See Internal Transfer Requirements to join the Department of Mathematics.
  • See FAQs for solutions to common issues.
  • See Forms for pre-requisite waiver forms, third time permission forms, and more.