Graduate Seminars of Colleagues Imparting Academic Lessons (Grad SOCIAL)

The Grad SOCIAL is a biweekly seminar and social event for SFU’s graduate math community.

Join us to connect with peers and faculty, and to get useful career advice from professionals. Each session consists of two 20-minute talks and a break to connect with each other and indulge in the snacks provided.

Current organizer: Haggai Liu

Due to COVID-19, the Grad SOCIAL is currently on hold.

Spring 2020 SOCIAL Lineup




February 12                           

Haggai Liu 

An Irredundant Method to Count the Rationals

February 26

Daniel Tarnu                    

Introduction to Ergodic Theory and a (Partial) Proof of Roth's Theorem


Peter Bradshaw


Transversals in bipartite graph families

March 11

Vince Tao

TSSU RA Update


Fall 2019 SOCIAL Lineup




September 26                           

Haggai Liu 

A Penalty Method for Stress Minimization with Box Constraints


Alisa Stanton                       

Health Services Presentation

October 10

Alexandra Wesolek

Infecting graphs: Boostrap percolation

October 24

Tian Chen 

Black boxes and sparse polynomial interpolation


Nilima Nigam

How and where to find a job

November 7

Ivan Lau

Yang-Baxter equation and Jacobson radicals

November 21

Benny Wai

Data Science at Translink


Summer 2019 SOCIAL Lineup




May 16                  

Sasha Zotine                  

Global Generation of Vector Bundles over Elliptic Curves

June 6

Yifan Jing (UIUC)

On the structure of non-expanders


Brenda Badgero

Exploring Careers in Math and Beyond

July 11

Qinghong (Jackie) Xu

Compressive Imaging with Total Variation Regularization


Daniel Lewis

Rational points on curves

August 8

Garrett Paluck

A new bivariate Hensel lifting algorithm for n factor

Spring 2019 SOCIAL Lineup




January 24

Garrett Paluck (SFU)

Solving Multi-Diophantine Polynomial Equations

February 7

Michael Monagan (SFU)

The P = RP Conjecture

March 7

Reza Dastbasteh(SFU)

Construction of Quantum Codes from Additive Codes


Paul Tupper (SFU)

How to Change Fields

March 21

Masood Masjoody (SFU)

Cops and Robbers on Graphs with a Set of Forbidden Induced Subgraphs


Amarpreet Rattan (SFU)

Parking functions:  a light introduction

April 4

Anton Iatcenko (SFU)

A Model of Drag Force and Gas-Disk Interaction


Nathan Ilten (SFU) & Steven Ruuth (SFU)

Graduate Program: Questions and Concerns


Fall 2018 SOCIAL Lineup




October 4

Nicola Mulberry (SFU)

HIV control strategies in sex worker-client contact networks


Doris Li (Technical Safety BC)

Technical Safety in BC with AI and IoT

October 18

Avi Kulkarni (SFU) 

Aspects of the arithmetic of uniquely trigonal genus 4 curves


Sophie Burrill (SFU)

Teaching: there's something to learn

November 1

John Stockie (SFU)

Careers in industry for mathematicians

November 15    

Brandon Elford (SFU)

Orthonormal Representations of Chordal Rings Graphs


Ludvig af Klinteberg (SFU)

Numerical integration of (nearly) singular integrals --- why and how

November 29

Sepehr Yadegarzadeh (SFU)

On density of the forms that produce primitive solutions for the Diophantine equation Ax^2+By^3+Cz^3=0 locally at a prime


Manfred Trummer (SFU)

Mathematics of Medical Imaging & 42 and other answers to life, the universe and everything


Summer 2018 SOCIAL Lineup




May 31

Jane Jian

Game Theoretic Models of Clear versus Plain Speech


Stefan Hannie

Strong embeddings of graphs on surfaces

June 21

Ian May

Domain decomposition solvers and preconditioners for the
implicit closest point method


Tom Archibald

User’s Guide to Conferences and Meetings

July 12

Daniel Messenger

Modelling Self Organization in Domains with Boundaries 


Tony Botelho &
Brenda Badgero

SFU Career Services Presentation

August 9

Charles Turo

A combinatorial description of the cup product on
smooth complete totic varieties


Ray Walsh

An Accessible Introduction to Finite Difference
Computing and Non-Differentiable Functions