Timetables, Exam Schedules & Course Offerings

An overview of undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Mathematics in Burnaby and Surrey.

Undergraduate Course Timetables


Spring 2024 classes will be held 100% in person. 

FALL 2023

Fall 2023 classes will be held 100% in person. 

Course Planner

Not all courses are offered every semester. Use the course planners below as a guide, subject to minor change. 

Fall Semesters

Spring Semesters

Summer Semesters

Note: MATH 468 and MATH 469 are in development and expect to be offered starting in Spring 2024. As of March 2023, these two courses are not yet available in the SFU course calendar.

Projected Annual Course Offerings

MATH 100 Level Courses

MATH & MACM 200 Level Courses

MATH & MACM 300 Level Courses

MATH & MACM 400 Level Courses

Projected Biannual Course Offerings

MATH 300 Level Courses

MATH 400 Level Courses