Timetables & Offerings

An overview of Graduate courses offered by the Department of Mathematics in Burnaby and Surrey.

Course Timetables

Projected Course Offerings

Actual course offerings may differ from the projected course offerings in the chart below. For the upcoming academic year course offerings, use the Class Search function on goSFU.

  • s1 = one optional special topic offering (either MATH or APMA)
  • a3 = one required APMA special topics offering for group APMA 3
  • 700 division courses are 3 credits. Students should consult with their supervisor prior to enrolling in 700 division courses.
  • 700 division courses are cross-listed with undergraduate courses. Students may not take a 700 division course if it is being offered in conjunction with a 400 division course which they have taken previously.
  • MATH 795 (Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics) and MATH 796 (Selected Topics in Mathematics) vary in topic and offering.
  • Projected course offerings are subject to change, substitution, and exception.