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Please note that entry into all MATH and MACM courses (excluding MACM 101) is via the Department of Mathematics. All inquiries related to MACM 101 must be directed to the School of Computing Science.

Third Time Permission Application (Spring 2024)  


Deadline and Submission Details

The application period for the Spring 2024 term is now open. 

January 5, 2024 is the final deadline to submit documentation. We do not accept late applications. It is recommended that you submit your application as early as possible. Applications submitted on or near the final deadline have a higher chance of being rejected if they are missing any required information.

Applications are submitted by email to [The form instructs to submit in-person, but please submit via email.]

NoteThis application process cannot approve repeats in excess of the 5 repeat limit. If this 3rd attempt is also a 6th or more overall repeat, you must also receive permission from your faculty advisor by the deadline above. An application is not considered complete without this permission.

Application Form and General Information

Students must complete and submit the application form if they want to take a MATH or MACM course for a third time. This application is not guaranteed approval. Please note that it is not always possible to have a repeat approved for the term directly subsequent the term in which you last attempted the course. 

This application is not guaranteed approval. See below for reasons applications are often denied.

  • You are on academic probation or have a low GPA.
  • You are requesting a third attempt of MATH 100.
  • You are requesting a repeat in order to raise your GPA.
  • You are an undeclared student.
  • Your intended graduation plan is not realistic.
  • The repeat course is not required for your program.
  • Your GPA has been in decline for several terms.
  • Your grades in the term directly preceeding the "repeat term" are poor.
  • There are other reasons which suggest you might struggle in the course.

Please make note of the policies for repeating courses here.

Course/Exam Conflict Waiver Application

Students must receive instructor permission if they want to enrol in a MATH course (100 - 400 level) or MACM course (200 - 400 level) that has a schedule conflict with a course in which they’re already enrolled. Conflicts are typically caused by time or location of lectures, tutorials, or exams.

Submit the completed form (including instructor permission) to the Mathematics Undergraduate Advisor by email (email:

The form requires the instructor's signature. However, please ask the instructor to email you permission instead. You can forward the instructor's email in place of a signature.

Prerequisite Waiver Application (WEBFORM)

There is a distinction between Prerequisite Substitutions and Prerequisite Waivers.

Prerequisite Substitutions

Prerequisite substitutions are needed when students have satisfied prerequisites but the course is not recognized by the SFU enrollment system. These students should not fill out this webform and instead should contact the undergraduate advisor (link) directly to discuss. Examples of these situations include:

  • I am an out-of-province or international student and the SFU system isn’t recognizing my high school math grades.
  • I am a college/university transfer student with credit for MATH 1XX. I believe this course should transfer as the accepted prerequisite for the course I wish to take at SFU.
  • I am a second-degree student with waived courses.

This is not an exhaustive list. 

Prerequisite Waivers

Prerequisite waivers are needed when students have not satisfied a course prerequisite but wish to enrol regardless. Prerequisite waivers are assessed by the Undergraduate Committee in the Department of Mathematics and are rarely approved. Students must demonstrate exceptionally unusual academic circumstances in order for waivers to be granted. 

Examples not considered as the basis of a prerequisite waiver:

  • If I don’t take this course, I will graduate at a later date.
  • If I don't take this course, I will have no other courses to take this term or next term.
  • I have a job offer and must graduate this term.
  • My final exam score was higher than my midterm and assignment scores in the prerequisite course.
  • I am very close the prerequisite grade requirement. 

This is not an exhaustive list. 

Other important notes:

1) If you are missing the prerequisite for MATH 100, MATH 190, or any introductory calculus course (MATH 150/151/154/157), please register for and write a placement test.

2) Prerequisite waivers are more likely to be approved for students taking 300 and 400 Division MATH/MACM courses, excluding service courses like MATH 310 and MACM 316.


If you would like to submit a prerequisite waiver application, please use the Prerequisite Waiver Webform.

Undergraduate Course Add Form

If students want to enrol in a MATH or MACM course in week two of the term, the Undergraduate Course Application form must be signed by the instructor of the course and approved by the Department of Mathematics. 

The Department of Mathematics is offering a section of MACM 201 DISCRETE MATHEMATICS II which is designed for students who are interested in lectures that present ideas that go beyond the textbook basics. This special experience is ideal for students who plan to take further math classes (MATH 240, MATH 340, MATH 341, MATH 342, MATH 343, MATH 345 especially). Mathematics program majors and minors are especially encouraged to participate. 

To participate in the Prime D200 lectures:

1. if you have a grade of A or better in MACM 101 (or ENSC 251 and one of MATH 232 or MATH 240) you may request enrollment in MACM 201 Prime D200 by emailing with your advising transcript;

2. if you are not eligible for direct enrollment to the Prime lectures based on the criteria above, you must:

a) register for MACM 201 (D100, D300, or D400) AND
b) submit this questionnaire to Olivia Gutenberg, Undergraduate Advisor, by Wednesday December 21, 2022.

Students in category 2 who are selected for these special lectures (Section D200) will be notified prior to the start of term.


See SFU Student Services for a full list of undergraduate forms.