[math west]

State-of-the-art equipment and spaces.

[math west] is SFU's community space for students. Centrally located in the West Mall Centre, it is a focal point for learning, studying, computing, and discussing. The three teaching spaces (Social Learning, Collaborative Computing and Advanced Learning) have scheduled math workshops, tutorials and lectures. The connecting Community Zone is an open space for TA office hours and independent or small-group study between classes. There is also a "mathematical expressions" niche for informal after-class discussions. Expand your class time to include [math west] study time.

Community Zone | North/South | WMC 2800

Space Details

  • NORTH SIDE: across from Social Learning | SOUTH SIDE: across from Advanced Learning
  • Information screens with booking schedule
  • Six 2-seat cafe tables in each zone
  • Two TA stations
  • Mathematical Expression whiteboard wall | presentation monitor | 2 x 3-seat museum style bench

Social Learning | WMC 2810

Space Details

  • Capacity of 36 (6 x 6-seat group tables)
  • Two Information Screens
  • Floor to ceiling whiteboard wall

Collaborative Computing | WMC 2820

Space Details

  • Capacity of 33 (11 x 3-seat computer stations)
  • Presentation monitor

Advanced Learning | WMC 2830

Space Details

  • Capacity of 38 (lecture style)
  • Presentation monitor
  • 5 metre white board