Prime Sections

What are PRIME  Sections? 

Prime sections are special course offerings available to students who achieved high grades (A or better) in the listed prerequisites. Prime sections are intended to create a sense of community within the department, and encourage collaboration amongst students with an aptitude for mathematics. 

  • Prime sections are not more difficult than standard course offerings.
  • Midterm and final exams for prime and standard sections are exactly the same.
  • Prime sections are not more work than standard sections. While homework assignements may deviate from those assigned in standard sections, the amount of time required from students is the same. 
  • Prime sections have smaller class capacities than standard sections. 

The Department of Mathematics' own Dr. Jamie Mulholland, Brenda Davison, and Dr. David Muraki chat about Prime sections in this promotional video. If you are directed to supply credentials to view, use your SFU computing ID (your SFU email address without the and password.

SPRING 2024 - MATH 152 Prime (D200)

Students with grades of A or better in MATH 150/151 may request direct enrollment in D200 by emailing Students must attach a copy of their advising transcript in their correspondence. 

Students currently enrolled in Calculus I (including those in MATH154 & MATH157) will not be eligible for direct enrollment until final grades are released for the Fall 2023 term.

These students must proceed as follows:

  • Register for MATH152 D100 (standard section).
  • Email the advisor ( with your student number and request to be added to the MATH 152 Prime Course Queue. 
  • Once final grades are released for Fall 2023 (mid-December), students who meet the minimum A grade in Calculus I will be swapped directly into MATH 152 (space permitting). 
  • Students who do not meet the minimum A grade in Calculus I must complete the Prime Questionnaire to request enrolment.