Women in Math Day - May 10, 2024

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2024 Women+ Luncheon handout
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2024 Single Slide Showcase Schedule


Women in Math Day - May 12, 2023: Women+ Luncheon and Single Slide Showcase


2023 EDI Advisory Group Open House - April 5, 2023


SFU's Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics EDI Advisory Group, hosted a series of events for the International Women in Mathematics Day. May 12th was chosen as it is the birthday of the late Maryam Mirzakhani, the first female fields medallist. Read more about this international event and Dr. Mirzakhani here: https://may12.womeninmaths.org/.

The day was a huge success, kicked off by the women's luncheon hosted by the AWM Student Chapter, where women and non-binary individuals met over food and games to get to know one another.

Following this time of food and cheer, the Math Department's EDI Advisory Group hosted a movie screening, showcasing newly developed videos interviewing the female mathematicans in the department on their journey, and advice for any wannabe mathematicians out there. And, of course, more food! Please enjoy a few photos from the day. A special thanks goes out to the Department of Mathematics and the Associate Dean of EDI for supporting this event. Thanks to Michelle Beninteso of Once Upon a Cake for the amazing cupcakes, our very own Olivia Gutenberg for putting together these lovely videos, and everyone who helped make the day possible by joining in!


This May, we celebrated women in math on screen. Two documentary films were screened for students, staff, and faculty to enjoy.



The EDI Learning Group hosted monthly workshops to educate faculty, staff, and students on matters related to equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Each month, new topics were presented by individuals both inside and outside the department, allowing for a variety of perspectives to be shared. The Department of Mathematics is committed to providing opportunities for the SFU community to learn, improve, and evolve - count on it. 

AWM Meetings and Event Archives

FALL 2022

AWM Hot Chocolate Chats

The Association for Women in Math Student Chapter is excited to announce a new recurring event for the fall semester: Hot Chocolate Chats! 

The purpose of the Hot Chocolate Chats is to give women and non-binary individuals a place to gather and talk about our unique experiences studying and working in the mathematical sciences, while also enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate! 

All students (graduate and undergraduate, from any department), postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff are welcome to attend. We encourage everyone to bring their own mug. 

Hot Chocolate Chats will be held in K9509 on the following dates:

  • Monday, October 17th from 2-3pm
  • Monday, October 31st from 2-3pm
  • Monday, November 14th from 2-3pm
  • Monday, November 28th from 2-3pm
  • Monday, December 12th from 3:30-4:30pm

Please contact awm_student@sfu.ca with any questions or concerns, or to notify us of any accessibility needs. 


  • August 16: Coffee and Tea Social Hour
    • The AWM members enjoyed coffee and tea on the following Tuesdays: June 28 @ 2:30 PM, July 19 @ 2:30 PM, and August 16 @ 2:30 PM. 
  • August 14: AWM Hike at Lynn Canyon
    • The members of SFU's Association for Women in Mathematics enjoyed a Sunday morning hike complete with snacks + new friends!

July 2022

  • July 22: Sunset at English Bay    
    • The AWM crew met at English Bay for sunset snacks and socializing. 

MAY 2022

  • May 25: AWM Student Chapter Summer Meeting
    • The team held their termly meeting and began planning events for the summer.

April 2022

  • April 13: Crafts and Snacks
    • The AWM offered students a welcome reprieve from studying for final exams by hosting an afternoon of colouring and snacks!

MARCH 2022

  • March 16: Movie Night
    • Students and faculty gathered to watch Hidden Figures while they enjoyed hot chocolate and tasty snacks. 

February 2022

  • February 4: AWM Student Chapter Inaugural Meeting and Trivia Night
  • February 11: International Day of Women in Science