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Math Information Session

Math Info Sessions are designed to give students an understanding of the different program options in the Department of Mathematics.

Aren't sure if you should study Math or Applied Math? Operations Research or a Math and Computing Joint Major? What's the difference? Come find out!

Upcoming Session

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Math Success Sessions

Are you interested in learning effective strategies to prepare for exams, study more efficiently and improve your grades? Then join us for one of our upcoming Math Success Sessions! 

Designed especially for first and second year students.

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Math Outside the Box

This is an informal talk and demo series for first and second year students curious about mathematics.  These talks are intended to show students the neat things mathematicians do (beyond calculus and the classroom) and to give students a glimpse at the kind of stuff studied in higher level mathematics courses.

Peer Mentorship Program

The Science Peer Mentorship Program allows new SFU students to benefit from the knowledge and experience of more senior SFU students.

Mentees will have the opportunity to learn from their mentors about the programs they are in and the professors, projects, volunteer and student leadership opportunities in the Faculty of Science and the Science student community.

Further details can be found HERE

Science and Math Peer Tutoring

Science and Math Peer Tutoring is the first peer education program at SFU linked to specific academic subjects. The program is a collaboration between faculty in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and the SFU Peer Education program. Volunteer peer tutors provide free support for select science and math classes on a drop-in basis.

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Math Workshops

Drop in to discuss course material with instructors, coordinators, and teaching assistants, or get help with assignments, studying, and exam prep.

Find sample midterms and finals to practice with.

Further details can be found HERE

Student Learning Commons (SLC)

Find additional math and quantitative learning resources over at the SLC.

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Study Hall @ Home

SLC in collaboration with Peer Programs are hosting virtual tutoring sessions. Study Hall @ Home is available with Writing & Learning Peer Educators and Science & Math Peer Tutors on hand to introduce new studying and learning tips, and to provide academic support and referrals at students' request:

  • Mondays 6-8pm
  • Thursdays 11am-1pm

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