Dan Benvenuti, MSc (’08)

A Master’s in operations research prepared Benvenuti to tackle unstructured problems quickly and effectively.

Dan Benvenuti studied operations research during his Master’s at SFU, splitting his time between working with his supervisor on the Surrey Campus and taking classes on the Main Campus. “The Surrey campus offered a sense of community that I have not found elsewhere in my academic career. The relationship between the faculty and students is very close-knit, which fosters an environment of respect, growth, and friendship,” he says.

Studying operations research helped Benvenuti learn to tackle unstructured problems. “A Master’s degree helps you figure stuff out on your own. Someone tells you a problem that you have no background in and you can figure out a solution that’s viable,” he says.

Benvenuti now works as a Senior Manager for Process and Systems at Blackberry. “I manage the finance, processes, and systems team here. We implement and maintain all the applications that the finance department uses,” he explains. “I like what I do. I’m up for any challenge and I think my scholastic career prepared me for any challenge that life could throw my way.”