Pouya Bastani, MSc (’09)

From healthcare to finance, Bastani uses mathematical theories to solve real-world problems.

After completing his BSc in Computing Science, Pouya Bastani went on to complete an MSc in the Mathematics Department at SFU. He was a member of the Complex Systems Modelling Group at IRMACS, where he applied Queueing Theory models and Monte Carlo simulation techniques to investigate how the number of available beds in each unit of a hospital affects the average wait time of patients in the emergency room before being admitted.

After graduation, he joined IMPACT-HIV Group as an Epidemic Modeler, where his research used mathematical models and simulations to assess the effect of different levels of HIV therapies, and the financial impact associated with decreased emergency room referrals linked to AIDS-related illnesses.

He's currently working as a Financial Engineer at IHS Markit Canada. Among other things, he's developing state-of-the-art Quasi-Monte Carlo simulation methods for valuing complex financial derivatives. "I find it very rewarding to apply theories from different branches of mathematics to solve real-world problems, whether it's in health care or finance," says Bastani.