Richard Gibson, MSc (’08)

A love of sports and math collide for this video game developer.

During his MSc at SFU, Richard Gibson studied Combinatorial Mathematics, focusing on Coding Theory. He worked with Professor Jonathan Jedwab to identify patterns in binary and quaternary sequences that have applications in spectrometry and radar. “The Coding Theory I worked on was really challenging and it taught me to persevere, try lots of different things, and explore problems in different ways. Those tools and those experiences are probably what helped me most in my career,” says Gibson.

During his studies at SFU, he took a co-op position with Disney Interactive Studios, where he gained exposure to game development and strengthened his abilities as a software developer.

Gibson continued on to a PhD at the University of Alberta in Computing Science, where he joined the Computer Poker Research Group. He built computer programs capable of defeating the world’s top poker players. “I work on the side with some professional poker players and do analytics with them,” he says. Currently, he works as a Professional Software Developer with Metalhead Software developing the video game Super Mega Baseball 2. Gibson is also working on a solo venture, Bracket Bids, which is an online strategy sports pool game.