Ross Churchley, PhD (’17)

Churchley undertook award-winning scholarship while creating a thesis template to benefit all graduate students at SFU.

While completing his PhD at SFU Ross Churchley studied Structural Graph Theory, focusing on graph immersions. During his time in the department, he held an NSERC CGS-D scholarship and the Dean’s Convocation Medal.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Churchley also created a standardized thesis template, which is now used by the SFU library. “It happened on a bit of a lark in the first couple years of my PhD,” he explains. “I had lots of headaches getting my Master’s thesis to work with the right style guidelines, so I decided to tackle that problem well in advance of graduating with my PhD.” Churchley created a new LaTeX thesis template after meeting with a panel of advisors and graduate students. “I brought it all together so other graduate students could benefit from an easier thesis formatting process.”

Churchley is now a Software Developer for SAP Labs in Vancouver, working in web applications and security. “There are technical skills that I developed in my studies, like using version control. That's not as widespread in academia, but it’s very useful in my day-to-day work right now,” he says.