Ailene MacPherson

Assistant Professor & Tier 2 Canada Research Chair
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science

Areas of interest

I use mathematical and statistical tools to address questions at the intersection of evolution, ecology, and epidemiology. Infectious pathogens have important consequences for human and wildlife populations alike. I develop what are known as phylodynamic (phylogenies+ epidemiological dynamics) methods to understand and control ongoing epidemics. In particular, my research focuses on quantifying how both host and pathogen genetics shape disease spread and severity. In addition to this focus on emergent pathogens, by studying the genetics and evolutionary dynamics long-term associations between hosts and their infectious pathogens I strive to understand how these complex coevolutionary interactions shape the biological diversity of the natural world.


  • Ph.D. Zoology · University of British Columbia · 2020


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.