Contractor management

General construction

At SFU, specific standardized safety processes exist to ensure that health and safety is maintained during all campus construction projects. The information below provides a framework for all contractors working at SFU and must be adhered to. As a contractor, review the information below and complete all requirements before, during, and after any work.


When planning, design and construction work completed, this phase is intended to evaluate project safety performance.  The post-work phase looks at how well health and safety were managed throughout the project, as well the compliance of all SFU and legislative requirements. This evaluation will be conducted with the SFU Project Manager, EHS and if applicable the users/department of the space.

Contractor safety performance evaluation

A contractor safety performance evaluation is conducted after full project completion (including all completion of deficiencies).  Completed forms are intended to be used and shared internally with SFU representatives for the purpose of evaluating contractor safety performance only.

What common criteria are evaluated on contractor safety performance?

  • Are all health and safety documents submitted and maintained throughout the project cycle
  • Number and types of health and safety concerns/complaints raised by occupants, staff, students or the general public
  • Number and types of incidents and near miss that occurred during the project
  • Consistency of regular inspections (e.g. equipment, safety, hazmat, etc.)
  • Consistency of regular safety meetings and its effectiveness
  • Coordination and management of project safety communication