SFU has a comprehensive biosafety program to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and is governed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee under the Vice President, Research.

SFU faculty and staff members intending to conduct research, teaching and testing involving biohazardous material, under the auspices of SFU and/or using SFU resources, are required to submit a biosafety permit application through the biosafety permit database. An approved biosafety permit must be in place in advance of such work.


A biosafety permit is required when working with biohazardous materials.

Biosafety permit application

Faculty members and lab instructors intending to work with biohazards (as defined in SFU Biosafety Policy R20.02) are required to submit a Biosafety permit application, and follow the application process. The application is reviewed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee. Please remember biosafety permit portal is  optimized for Chrome and Internet Explorer. 

Only Principal Investigator have the full access to edit the information on the permit. Research staff listed on the permit have read-only access to the Permit on which they are listed. 

Office of Research Services (ORS) will require a copy of the biosafety permit, otherwise grant funding can be withheld.