Laser safety

The SFU Laser Safety Program ensures the safe and effective control of laser hazards and applies to all departments, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and visitors working with laser generating equipment, Class 3B and Class 4 lasers, and laser systems. The program is administered by the University Radiation Safety Committee (URSC) and the Laser Safety Officer (LSO).


Personal Protective Equipment

When engineering or other procedural/administrative controls are inadequate to eliminate potential exposure in excess of the applicable maximum permissible exposure (MPE), protective eyewear specifically designed for protection must be administratively required and their use enforced within the nominal hazard zone (NHZ) for Class 3B lasers and Class 4 lasers.

The principal investigator is responsible for ensuring that appropriate protective eyewear is available and worn by personnel within the Nominal Hazard Zone of Class 3B and Class 4 lasers.

The principal investigator must assure that the laser protective eyewear is clearly labeled with the optical density and the wavelength(s) for which protection is afforded.

Protective eyewear must be periodically cleaned and inspected for integrity (cracks, discoloration, etc.). Eyewear in suspicious condition should be tested for acceptability or discarded and replaced.

Please contact the Laser Safety Officer for help in choosing the appropriate eyewear.