Estimated costs for Domestic Students

These per term (four month) costs are approximations in Canadian dollars, and will vary depending on course enrollment, program of study, and other individual and personal variables. Estimated values shall not be binding to SFU Student Services or the institution (Simon Fraser University) as a whole.


Expense type

2024/25 per term costs (4 months)

Tuition (5 courses)
$ 3,182
Supplementary fees 2 $ 498
Books and supplies $ 1185
Residence $ 3,496
Student Society Health and Dental plan 3
$ 268
Residence meal plan $ 3,381


$ 12,010


Expense type

2024/25 per term costs (4 months)

Tuition (full-time research term) $2,107 4
Supplementary fees 2 $406
Books and supplies $1181
Student Society Health and Dental plan 3
Residence meal plan

Total/ term:


Notes and exceptions:

1 Tuition fees at the 200 level and above offered by the Faculty of Business Administration, the School of Computing Science, and the School of Engineering Science are higher than normal course tuition fees: see Undergraduate tuition fees.

2 Supplementary fees include the U-Pass (Universal Transit Pass), Student Services and Recreation-Athletics fees, and the Student Activity Fee. 

3 Student Society Health and Dental plan fees are normally paid each September for the entire academic year (September - August). As a student studying in the Province of British Columbia, the Medical Services Plan (health fee) for international students, MSP, is paid directly to the government and has been included here as a cost incurred for students in a given term. New International Students are required to have short term primary medical insurance under in an SFU undergraduate, graduate or exchange program until they are eligible for coverage through MSP. Find more information on our Medical Insurance FAQ. Additional costs will apply.  

4 The estimated international graduate student costs are based on regular program tuition and fees. Graduate tuition fees vary between regular and speciality programs.