Undergraduate Students

Open Scholarship

The Undergraduate Open Scholarship recognizes and supports undergraduate students who are highly qualified academically and awards scholarships to students on a term by term basis.  No application is required; students who meet eligibility criteria are considered for the Open Scholarship automatically.

Update: Effective as of Summer 2024, students must have a minimum 3.90 CGPA to be eligible for funding.

Details on Enrolment Priority

  • All other aspects of the scholarship eligibility requirements will remain the same. This program additionally provided students with priority enrolment access to courses, and this benefit will continue to be available for students who qualify based on the new minimum CGPA requirements. 
  • For Summer 2024, enrolment priority will be assigned to Open scholarship recipients who have achieved 3.67 CGPA and above (enrolment happens in March).
  • For Fall 2024 onwards, enrolment priority will be assigned to students who meet the new Open scholarship requirements with a CGPA of 3.90 or above (Fall enrolment happens in July).

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is limited to students enrolled in courses at SFU and pursuing a first degree. It will expire when your total accumulated units (including transfer units) exceed by 10% the minimum number of units required to complete the degree program in which you are enrolled.

For example, if your major program requires 120 units to graduate you will become ineligible when your total accumulated credit and transfer credit exceeds 131 units.

A student holding an ongoing SFU Entrance Scholarship is not eligible for any other University administered scholarship until the entrance scholarship is fully paid out. This policy applies to any term in which an entrance scholarship is deferred.

To qualify, you must have:

  • successfully completed at least 30 units of courses at SFU.
  • an SFU cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.90 or higher.
    *Before Summer 2024, an SFU CGPA of 3.67 or higher.*
  • a minimum term GPA of 3.50 in the last term of enrollment.
  • been enrolled in one of the last three terms.
  • completed at least 30 units of courses at SFU over the last three terms of enrollment in such courses. For students who fall short of the 30 unit requirement because one term’s enrollment was in a single course of five units or fewer, the last four terms will be considered and that term of one course will be set aside in determining unit and term GPA eligibility.
  • A student with a disability who is approved to study at a reduced course load must complete at least 30 units of courses at SFU over the last five terms of enrollment in such courses. The student is required to submit a letter from SFU’s Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) confirming that the student is registered with the Centre (CAL).

All eligibility requirements must be met.

International, Co-op and Graduate Students

  • International undergraduate students are eligible on the same basis as other students.
  • Co-operative education students will be eligible subject to normal program guidelines. Job practicum courses, however, are excluded from the calculations (i.e., the scholarship does not cover the co-op fee). Enrollment in courses during a co-op term may affect eligibility. Co-op students should seek advice about this scholarship before enrolling in courses while also enrolling in a co-op term.
  • Graduate students, including qualifying, special and exchange students, are not eligible for this scholarship.

Monetary Value

The value of the scholarship is set by the University as a portion of the actual tuition costs acrrued by those eligible.

The per unit rate for standard graded courses will be determined based on the availability of funds. The per unit rate will be set for a value within a range of $70 to $100 each term.

Students who receive the SFU Employee Tuition Waiver and the SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship 

The SFU Employee Tuition Waiver and the SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship specifically indicate support for your tuition fees at SFU. You can receive funding from both up to the cost of your tuition. The SFU Undergraduate Open Scholarship is applied to your Student Account first, in week 3 of the term. The Open Undergraduate Scholarship funding does not cover the full amount of your tuition. Therefore, the SFU Employee Tuition Waiver will be applied after (usually in week 5 from start of classes), and will cover the remainder of your outstanding tuition fees.

For example, if your tuition is $2500 and you receive the Open Scholarship for $1200, the SFU Employee Tuition Waiver will cover the remaining $1300. 

Please Note:

No application is required. Eligible undergraduate students will be notified by email no later than the end of the third week of classes. 

Set up Direct Deposit (administered through the Student Accounts Office) as soon as possible, to receive any refunds you may be eligible to receive.