Work-Study Program

Information for Project Supervisors and Department Managers

Work-Study is a financial assistance program that provides part-time paid research opportunities for full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Students must apply each term for the Work-Study program and meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the program for the duration of the placement (see Grad and Undergrad requirements).

The hourly rate of pay is $17.40 per hour, plus standard benefits, and is paid for by the Work-Study program.

Project Eligibility and Requirements

All Work-Study projects must:

Projects that are “other non-continuing” are not eligible for Work-Study.

Students will be awarded 140 hours of Work-Study and cannot be scheduled for more than 140 hours over the term, for overtime, or for work on Statutory holidays or on University closure days.

Schedules must be flexible and Work-Study hours are to be scheduled around the individual student’s schedule.

Work-Study should be conducted primarily on campus, but remote work is permitted at the discretion of the supervisor and if in compliance with SFU's Hybrid Work Arrangements (HWA) Program. All required forms must be completed.

Project Proposal Submission

SFU Faculty members and other supervisors (must be SFU employees) are invited to submit Work-Study project proposals online during designated time periods. If you would like to be notified when the submission opens, please email to request to be added to our mail list.

  1. Supervisors must return the Declaration for Work-Study Project Supervisors form annually.
  2. You will be notified via email once your project has been posted on the Work-Study position website for student viewing.
  3. Students will contact project supervisors directly using the email address provided on the project submission form.

Placement Procedures

Eligible Work-Study students will receive a Work-Study Welcome notification by email to confirm that the student is conditionally eligible to participate in the Work-Study program. Projects are filled until the placement cutoff date or until available funding has been committed to eligible Work-Study students (whichever comes first).  More positions will be posted than filled, and you are not guaranteed to find a student for your position.

  1. Once you have selected a student for your project, confirm that the student wants to commit to your project and has not already committed to another project. Students can only participate in one Work-Study project per term.
  2. Send your hiring request to (subject to final Financial Aid and Awards approval)
  3. Financial Aid and Awards will complete a portion of the Payroll Appointment Form (PAF) and return to you.
  4. Coordinate the completion of the hiring package with the person in your department who will enter hours to Work-Study student timesheets in the SFU Payroll System (HAP)
  5. Your department will send the PAF and payroll forms directly to the HR Research People Team once complete.
  6. The HR Research People Team will send the student an offer contract via DocuSign which they must sign before they begin work.
  7. If either the student or project supervisor wants to end the placement, please contact the Work-Study Program immediately.

Required Payroll Documentation







Payroll Appointment Form (FPP.4)

Financial Aid and Awards and hiring Department


A partially completed form, signed by Financial Aid, will be sent to the project supervisor when they request to place a specific student in their project. Your department and the supervisor need to complete and sign the form once received.


Federal Tax Credit (TD1)


Download from (TD1 Federal Tax Credit)

BC Tax Credit (TD1BC)


Download from (TD1 BC Tax Credit)

Personal Data Form


Download from (Personal Data Form) Students must include banking information for direct deposit

Note:  If you select an international student, you must ensure that they have a Study Permit that is valid through to the end of the placement and obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) prior to the start of their placement to be eligible for entry into the payroll system. Please refer students to to the Employment and Work Permits section for more information on how to receive a Social Insurance Number.

Reporting Hours for Payment

  1. Once added by Payroll, your Work-Study student will appear on the PeopleSoft web-based timesheets for your department as an hourly employee.
  2. Your department's timekeeper will submit their actual hours worked in the pay period using the PeopleSoft HAP web-based timesheets.
  3. You must carefully record the hours worked by the student to ensure that the student's cumulative hours do not exceed 140 hours over the term. Any earnings over 140 hours will be charged back to the department.