Work-Study Program

Work-Study Project Supervisors

The Work-Study Program is an opportunity for students to participate in research-based projects and earn a supplemental income. Students will gain valuable experience connecting with various members of the SFU community and build their co-curriculum record. Because a student’s first commitment is to their studies, Work-Study hours are flexible, on campus and supervised.

Work-Study positions are available during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Successful applicants will be awarded 140 Work-Study hours for a term. Not all students who meet eligibility requirements will receive a Work-Study offer. Work-Study will only be offered to students with the highest demonstrated financial need.

Faculty members and other supervisors are invited to submit Work-Study project proposals to Financial Aid and Awards each term during the submission period. Work-Study positions must be at least 60% research based.

Review your Work-Study positions (approved supervisors only) during the application viewing period.

Project submission


Work-Study projects can be submitted online for consideration during the following times:

Fall: June 15 – July 15
Spring: October 15 – November 15
Summer: February 15 – March 15

Once submitted, a project cannot be viewed online until the Work-Study project has been approved and the Work-Study position website is open to students for the current term.


Project eligibility

Proposals must include detailed descriptions of duties, learning objectives and qualification requirements. Work-Study positions must be at least 60% research based.

Work-Study projects are approved after a completed Project Supervisor Declaration form has been received by Financial Aid and Awards for the current term.  Email notification is sent to the Project Supervisor after the project has been approved.

Work-Study projects are filled until all available funding has been fully committed to eligible Work-Study students or the viewing period has ended for the term.  Projects are removed from the Work-Study positions website after the requested positions have been filled for the term.

Declaration for Work-Study Project Supervisors

All Supervisors of Work-Study students must sign and abide by the terms and conditions of this declaration. Projects will not be considered unless a signed declaration form from the Project Supervisor is received by Financial Aid and Awards for the term.

  1. The Work-Study Program is a financial assistance program funded by Simon Fraser University.
  2. Work-Study positions must be at least 60% research based and cannot include duties that supplant positions of on-campus bargaining units. Projects must be supervised and completed on-campus.
  3. I may not guarantee a Work-Study position to a student until that student has received a Work- Study Placement Form from Financial Aid and Awards. Students may not start their positions until they have provided a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) and completed the required payroll forms.
  4. The expectations of the Work-Study Program (in particular, with respect to the scheduled hours of attendance) are that Supervisors recognize the fact that the student participant’s primary commitment is to study.
  5. The student participant’s personnel matters are in order and I will inform the student of the following:
            • The duration of the Work-Study position
            • The hourly wage and benefits ($15.20/hour plus 4% vacation pay); and
            • The pay schedule
  6. In addition to general University policies and procedures, all applicable labour, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, WCB, etc. laws, rules and regulations will be adhered to.
  7. Where required, I will ensure that the student obtains a clear Criminal Record Check before engaging in any activity that requires one. My department will pay for any and all fees required to obtain the Criminal Record Check. 
  8. I will provide a workplace orientation for the student participant(s) under my supervision, as well as appropriate supervised training for all new duties.
  9. I will meet with my student(s) regularly to review his/her/their performance and progress. I will also regularly provide feedback pertaining to the learning objective(s)/outcome(s) of the project.
  10. When requested, I will verify if the student participant achieved the project's learning objectives/outcomes or not. If I do not provide the requested validation, I will no longer be eligible to participate in the Work-Study program until I have provided the requested validation. 
  11. I will ensure the student participant is placed on payroll and the actual hours completed are reported on a biweekly basis using the PeopleSoft HAP web-based timesheets in the applicable pay period. I am responsible for ensuring that timesheets are accurate and for monitoring the number of hours completed by the student. Payment of hours beyond the student participant’s awarded amount will be the responsibility of the department supervising the student.
  12. Every attempt should be made to provide student participants with the opportunity to complete the full amount of hours awarded. If the hours completed are less than the awarded amount, the student participant’s financial assistance package will be reduced, which may result in undue financial hardship.
  13. I must inform the student participant and Financial Aid and Awards if the Work-Study position is terminated for any reason.

When can students view Work-Study positions?

Students are able to start viewing and applying for Work-Study positions approximately four weeks before the term starts. Students will be required to complete the "Get Ready for Work-Study" Canvas course before they can be placed in a project. Work-Study positions are closed for viewing by students and Project Supervisors on Friday of week 1 of each term.

Students interested in a project contact the Project Supervisor using the phone number or email address provided in the project submission.


Hiring and Payroll Procedures

Work-Study student hiring procedures

Eligible Work-Study applicants will have a Work-Study Placement Form which they must provide to you, the Project Supervisor.  If you decide to hire the student, you must request a Hiring Authorization Number (HAN) by emailing:  Please include the following in your email:

  • Student name
  • Student number
  • Project number

If the student you want to hire has not completed the Canvas course, a HAN cannot be issued until the course is completed. Since funding is limited, your 'hire' is not valid until you have received the HAN.

Complete the Work-Study Placement Form as follows:

  • Insert Project number and Hiring Authorization Number (HAN)
  • Sign and date and keep a copy for reference
  • Include form in the hiring package (refer to payroll procedures below)

Please note: If you hire an International Student, you must ensure he/she obtains a Social Insurance Number (SIN) prior to starting the Work-Study project. For more information, please see the following links:

If you have questions, contact Financial Aid and Awards.

New & Young Worker Safety Orientation

As per recent recommendations by the SFU Safety and Risk Services office, project supervisors are responsible for informing their new Work-Study students of any safety and training requirements needed for the project their students will be engaging in. A New & Young Worker Safety Orientation is available for students to complete through Canvas.

Payroll Procedures

The usual procedures for temporary, non-union staff must be followed.

It is the responsibility of the Project Supervisor to forward the following forms to Financial Aid and Awards.  Submit all completed forms as one entire package or they will be returned to the department.  Forms 2, 3 and 4 are available from the SFU Payroll website.

  1. Work-Study Placement Form
    • signed by both student and Project Supervisor
  2. Payroll Appointment Form (PAF)
    • completed by department; include Hiring Authorization Number (HAN) and Project number in 'Remarks' section
  3. SFU Personal Data Form
    • completed by student, including banking information
  4. TD1 Personal Tax Credit Return (Federal and BC)
    • completed by student

Submit the hiring package to the Work-Study Coordinator, c/o Financial Aid and Awards through intercampus mail or deliver to 3200 Maggie Benston, Student Services Building.

Please allow approximately 10 business days for Financial Aid and Awards to validate information and for Payroll to process these forms.


Hourly rate

The hourly rate of pay is $15.20 per hour, plus standard benefits.

Reporting of Hours/Student compensation

  1. Once the appointment form and related paperwork has been processed by Payroll, your Work-Study student will appear on the PeopleSoft web-based timesheets as an hourly employee.
  2. Submit the actual hours worked by the student in the applicable two week payroll period using the PeopleSoft HAP web-based timesheets (use pay group hourly).
  3. Carefully record the hours worked by the student, to ensure that the student's cumulative hours do not exceed their Work-Study allocation. Any earnings over the student's allocation will be charged back to the department.

Termination/Withdrawal from the Work-Study Program

On occasion, students may be terminated by Financial Aid and Awards if they fail to continue to meet the eligibility requirements.  This occurs in (but is not limited to) the following scenarios:

  • a student is no longer enrolled full-time
  • a student's demonstrated financial need has significantly changed
  • the student has enrolled in Co-op
  • the student no longer meets the CGPA requirement

In these situations, the Work-Study Coordinator will contact both the student and the Project Supervisor to advise them of this change in status.  Any hours completed by the student up to the date of notification will be paid.

If a student is terminated by the Project Supervisor, or if the student withdraws from the Work-Study position, please contact the Work-Study Coordinator for information on the appropriate termination/withdrawal procedure.