Health and Science

The Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST) at our School of Communication is devoted to policy studies on science, technology, and innovation, while many of the school’s programs and courses also engage with health and science. The digital arts and user experience design skills that our students in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology learn are highly applicable to the health sector and other areas of scientific inquiry.

School of Communication

Bachelor of Arts — Communication Major

A major in communication provides students with a foundation in critical thinking, reading, and analysis in the field of communication that allows them to study the cultures, histories, technologies, and ideologies of the media and communication infrastructures in our society and shape the way that knowledge and discoveries in the areas of health and science are framed and shared with the public.

School of Interactive Arts & Technology

Bachelor of Science — Interactive Arts and Technology Major

The BSc program of SIAT offers an opportunity to work with a variety of media and digital technology involved in the health and science fields. With their skills in user experience design, web development, and graphic design, students build a portfolio of their work through collaborating with their peers and instructors. 

Health & Science Stories