2013 FCAT Undergraduate Conference


The idea of what it means to be human has changed throughout history (and before), sometimes slowly, often radically, and sometimes almost imperceptibly. Many say that in our own time, at the beginning of the 21st century, what it means to be human is being altered beyond what anyone could have imagined even thirty years ago. This is both tremendously exciting and, in certain cases, deeply troubling, for the changes that enhance the lives of some do not necessarily enhance the lives of all. As well, the things we create, use and do are changing, and as a consequence, reshaping what it means to be human.

In this Conference/Showcase, we were interested in works that examine, describe, invent, and/or, interrogate not only how we may enact human-ness but how we understand what it means to be human. This includes the possibility that such a condition is not really possible any longer, and that perhaps it never was.

Our Presenters

For the first year since the beginning of FCAT's Undergraduate Conference, there were 20 FCAT student presentations held in concurrent sessions. Featured were critical papers, installations, design demonstrations, films, as well as a music piece, a dance piece and a theatre performance from the School of Communication, School of Interactive Arts + Technology, and the School for the Contemporary Arts.

Take a look at the oustanding work of our presenters:


  • Joseph NicolaiHumanity and the Industries of Division
  • Alysha BainsThe Digital Practices of Young Females: The Trial and Error of Identity. A Closer Look at the Story of RookieMag.com
  • Julius FisherThe Best of Times, The Worst of Times: Cultural Work in the Creative Economy
  • Kaily FurlotThe Pursuit of Happiness: Social Determinants of the Online Job Market
  • Samantha PeacockThe Cultural Value of History: Russia Then and Now

Interactive Arts + Technology

Contemporary Arts

Opening Ceremony

The Conference began with a warm welcome from Vitor Borba—who compared the gathering to a Greek agora. Following an introduction of the event and Faculty Ambassadors from Contemporary Arts, Interactive Arts + Technology, and Communication were introduced (Colin Browne, Carman Neustaedter, and Stuart Poyntz). In their speeches, the Ambassadors praised the dedication and creativity of student presenters and their projects before officially opening the Conference for the audience to discuss, contest and applaud.

The Opening Ceremony
Vitor Borba, Master of Ceremonies
Faculty Ambassadors: Colin Browne (SCA), Stuart Poyntz (CMNS), Carman Neustaedter (SIAT).

Closing Ceremony

After a long line up of diverse, intriguing, and compelling arguments, the successes of these students continued to be celebrated. Followed by a closing speech from Co-op student, Dorcas Yeung, Dean Cheryl Geisler closed off the Conference by acknowledging presenters with a congratulatory speech and certificates.

This event was very much a collaborative effort and it's success is due to the hard work of FCAT Staff, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts and it's staff, our dedicated Faculty Ambassadors, our Event Volunteers, and our official Media Sponsor, This Is Vancity.

Thank you again to all that attended and supported FCAT 3rd annual Undergraduate Conference!


Guests + Dean Cheryl Geisler
Our Presenters
Our Presenters