FCAT UGC 2022 Student Presentations

Here are the student presentations we will be having at this year's UGC! Attendees will have a chance to watch presentations from two of the rooms during our presentation blocks. 

Presentation Block 1: 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm


Room A - Art & Design 

  • Lampanella: A Portable Lamp for Students - Avril Yang, Thomas Tran, Tianxin Xue & Linda Liu (SIAT)
  • Vancouver Biennial App Design - Michelle Illing (SIAT Co-op)
  • Concrete Meets Liquid Ears - Parsa Nazeri (SIAT)
  • Dancers as Athletes: Mental and Physical Health Resources in Post-Secondary Training Programs - Rose Lynn (SCA)


Room B - Identity & Intersectionality

  • Humanizing through Drag: How Drag Performance is Combatting Anti-East Asian and Anti-Southeast Asian Racism - Kitty Cheung (SIAT)
  • Natural Versus Man-Made: A Framing Analysis of COVID-19 Origins - Jacob Lee (CMNS)
  • The Hypersexualization of Asian Women in the Media and its connection with Asian Hate Crimes Against Asian Women in Vancouver - Christian Pow, Diana Limbaga, Jasmine Kwan, Joaquin Suarez, Josephina Bian, Mia Chi Vu (CMNS)
  • Memories from the Sequin Lined Closet: The Contribution of Classical Hollywood Glamour to the Development And Endurance of 21st Century Queer Pop Culture - Amélia Simard (SCA)


Room C – Surveillance & the Labour Economy

  • The Hegemonic Rhetoric of Workplace Wellness - Sophie Isbister (CMNS)
  • Memetic Discourse and its Counterproductive Interjection within Digital Workplace Panopticons - Kirtana Menon (CMNS)
  • Negative Impacts of Worker Surveillance and Digitization: The Case of Amazon Warehouse Workers - Pranjali Jatinderjit Mann (CMNS)
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe… We’ll Know. Surveillance Creep During the COVID-19 Pandemic via Contact Tracing Mobile Phone Applications - Mark Joseph Villar (CMNS)


Presentation Block 2: 1:20 pm - 2:05 pm


Room D - Ecology, Technology, & Environmentalism

  • Transformative Fun: Games as a tool to explain NFTs - Nathan Cerone, Kelly Kong, Michelle Sit, Evelyn Zhang, Matthew Armstrong, Bruce Tsang (SIAT)
  • Reconstructing Ecological Thought Through Performance: Order of the New Hyphae - Samantha Walters (SCA)
  • Climatic Crisis - Yi Fan (Zev) Tang, Kuang Xian (Louis) Yum, Crystal Wei, Yan Fang (Shirley) Liang, Ricky Lin, Eugene Zhu (SIAT)
  • De-Abstraction of Materialistic Algorithmic Systems - Kim Bassan (CMNS & PUB)


Room E – Contemporary Issues & Politics

  • The Rhetoric of Empty Promises: Trudeau, Tofino, and The Pseudo-Apology - Sydney Edwards (CMNS)
  • Digital Labour Platform – Glorified Corporate Slavery Through Lack of Liability - Mohammed Ishtiaque Mahmood (CMNS)
  • AI Translators and the International K-Pop Fandom on Twitter - Judy Yae Young Kim (CMNS)