GP44 Policy Review

The review of the Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Support Policy(GP 44), which began in September 2019, concluded in March 2020 – its third-year anniversary. The 2020-2023 Policy received the approval of the Board of Governors on March 19, 2020.

The Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO) led the review of the policy in consultation with members of the university community. Details about the consultation process are available here. In addition to community engagement, the SVSPO conducted extensive research on promising practices in sexual violence policies across Canadian post-secondary institutions.

The review process did not point to major changes to the Policy. Rather, the feedback centred on the need for more clarity around process and procedures. As a response, the university is currently in the process of developing an accompanying document to the policy that clarifies the procedures in more detail. Feedback from the review process will help inform the development of the procedural document, which is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2020.

The edits to the Policy suggested by the university community include:

  • being explicit about intersectionality in 1.1.a and expanding this point to include historical and generational trauma;
  • clearly stating a recognition of the impacts of rape culture (1.1.b);
  • clarifying the conditions when the university may proceed with a report without a Survivor’s consent (8.7);
  • clarifying section 8.5 which has created confusion amongst some members of the university community, and;
  • all other changes have been included to clarify and simplify language.

An outline of the complete review process can be found here.

Questions about the policy and the policy review can be directed to CJ Rowe at