Reporting to the University

Reporting to SFU is an option when you are a member of the SFU community and the sexual violence was perpetrated by another member of the SFU community and occurred on SFU-controlled property; at or during an in-person or virtual meeting, class, event, or activity that is sponsored by SFU; online using SFU technology; or when the person who caused harm was in a position of power or influence over your academic or employment status at the time of the incident. If you make a report to the university, SFU can investigate and act against the person or people who perpetrated harm if they are found to have breached the university’s sexual violence policy.  

The SVSPO can support you while you prepare a report, accompany you throughout the investigation process, and help ensure you have access to appropriate workplace accommodations, academic concessions, support services, and more. 

To connect with a case manager, reach out to us via email or visit our Contact Us page for more options.  

How Do I Make a Report? 

To make a report of sexual violence to SFU: 

Connect with an SVSPO case manager to complete a report form. 

The SVSPO case manager will submit your report form to the “Responsible Office” which is determined by the Respondent’s (the person who the report is being made against) role at the University. 

If the Respondent is 

The Responsible Office is

A student

Office of Student Support, Rights, and Responsibilities

A staff member

Human Resources

A faculty member

Faculty Relations

Any other member of the University Community 

The person who employs or otherwise supervises the Respondent.

What Happens After I Make a Report?

  1. The Responsible Office will review your report to determine if SFU has jurisdiction to investigate your report according to SFU’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct, Prevention, Education and Support policy (GP 44). 
  2. If the university has jurisdiction to investigate, the Responsible Office will notify you and assign an investigator.
  3. The Responsible Office is required to give a copy of your report to the Respondent. Your contact information will not be included on the copy provided to the Respondent.
  4. The investigator will contact you to arrange an interview and to tell you about the investigation process. 
  5. We’ve developed 2 flowcharts to help you understand the investigations process:

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment, you may have the option of submitting a report under SFU’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct, Prevention, Education and Support policy (GP 44) or two other policies at the University, the Bullying and Harassment Policy (GP 47) and the Human Right’s Policy (GP 18). Each of these policies offer survivors and those impacted by sexual harassment a few different options, depending on what took place. Visit the Reporting Sexual Harassment section of our website for more information.