Self-care Tips for Survivors

April 16, 2019 , Written by Riya Sakhrani

From going to class, studying, working and socializing, we always forget the importance of taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically. Taking a break from everything can help refresh both your mind and body. This is especially important if you are going through trauma like sexual assault. There are times when we may need some extra support and love and honestly- it really is okay to ask for it. Below are some helpful self-care tips that can help lift you up.

1. Find support

When going through tough times, it is important to find the right people that can help support and guide you. Talking to a professional support worker or counsellor about your situation can be a good way to let how you are feeling out, whilst keeping it private. Also, surrounding yourself by loved ones can create a supportive environment. Feeling all the love and care can ease your mind into knowing that you’re not alone. You can even find support groups with other people that have had similar experiences and can relate.

2. Treat yourself

Every few weeks it is important to do something for yourself, this can be anything from going shopping to even taking a bath. We all need a little treat and down time to ourselves. This gives us little joys that can distract us from all our thoughts.

3. Make a plan

Whenever you find yourself in hectic times, it is useful to plan everything out so that you don’t find yourself in very stressful situations at any given time. This helps to ease your mind and create a structured schedule that tells you what you need to get done and when.

4. Find an outlet

There are many different ways to express your emotions, this can be done through writing, drawing, painting or even talking. These methods can help to let everything that has been built up inside of you out. You just need to find your own creative way of expressing yourself.

5. Walking away

There are times when you may be in a situation that triggers your past history. In cases like these it is completely okay to say no and walk away from this situation. It doesn’t matter if you cannot talk about it or express how you feel to the other person. You can just simply leave and take care of yourself.

6. Physical care

Your body is constantly working to help you function and it is vital to make sure that you give it the right nutrients to do so. Making sure that you eat properly and consistently gives you energy and will also strengthen your mental health. Lastly, physical exercise can keep both your mind and body in shape. It can be used as a getaway to clear your mind and give it a break from all your thoughts.

At the end of the day, you are your own priority and the most important person in your life. Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for your own happiness and future. It may not be easy at times or may not seem like a necessity, but your own well-being truly does matter. Especially when you are healing.  


About the author: My name is Riya Sakhrani. I am a second-year student pursuing International Studies. I am member of the Active Bystander Network. After growing up in India, I have seen how women have been treated and I believe in gender equality and that all women should have the right to speak up.