SAAM 2023 Keynote

The SFU Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office was pleased to host Dr. Tiffany Page for the 2023 Sexual Assault Awareness Month virtual keynote.

In this talk, Dr. Page discusses competing forms of precarity that circulate within experiences of sexual misconduct in higher education and the forms of institutional violence that result from universities receiving complaints and reports. She focuses on the case of staff/faculty-student sexual misconduct to address the troubled status of knowledge and the ways in which universities fail to understand violence as a social and ethical problem. Dr. Page draws upon her involvement with a student complaint collective and the co-founding of The 1752 Group, a UK-based research and campaign organization working to address staff/faculty sexual misconduct in higher education.

Content Note: This talk addresses sexual violence and misconduct within the post-secondary context, and specifically, staff/faculty sexual violence and misconduct against students.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Tiffany Page is a lecturer in sociology of media and higher education at University College London in the UK. Tiffany was part of the complaint collective described within Sara Ahmed’s Complaint! and the co-founder of The 1752 Group. Tiffany is interested in the relationship between vulnerability and how individuals experience violence, and how institutions respond to demands for care.

Dr. Kumari Beck is Associate Professor, Co-Director for the Centre for Research on International Education, and academic coordinator of the Equity Studies in Education program in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Her research focuses on university internationalization including student, faculty, staff and administrator experiences. Her research interests span international education, internationalization of higher education, equity issues in education, and internationalizing curriculum. The courses she teaches reflect these diverse and inter-related interests: intercultural and international education, contemporary issues in curriculum, critical multiculturalism and anti-racist education, the politics of difference, and teaching for social justice. She currently serves as the President of the Simon Fraser University Faculty Association.