Consent Matters 2020

Consent Matters in all of our campus communities. Initially, SFU and FIC students had been the primary audience for the Consent Matters campaign (#consentmatterssfu). In the fall of 2020, however, the SVSPO invited faculty and staff to join the conversation. By including SFU and FIC employees in this initiative, we were sending an important message to all of our university community members about our collective commitment to creating inclusive, respectful, and caring working and learning environments.

SFU and FIC faculty and staff were asked to share why consent matters in their professional roles. Check out the photos below to see what they had to say.

"Everyone has the right to self-determination over their own body. Respect and honesty make better relationships. #consentmatters"

Joy Johnson

SFU President and Vice-Chancellor

"As a social justice advocate for refugees, consent matters to me because it is the first step of demonstrating self-determination, right about one's life, and the people we want to cultivate!! No means no!"

Wafaa Zaqout

Refugee & Newcomer Students Program Support Coordinator

“Respect for each other. Trust in one another. Care for each other”

Manoj Bhakthan

Director, Financial Aid and Awards, SFU

“Consent matters to me because it is an essential component of creating and fostering inclusive and equitable communities  #consentmatters”

Zoe Woods

Director,  Residence and Housing SFU


“Every person should feel confident and safe in the knowledge they control how they use their body. #consentmatters”

Sharla Reid

College Director and Principal, FIC

“Consent Matters as it is a hallmark of the trust and communication necessary between people for informed, autonomous decision-making and thoughtful and kind interactions.  So yeah, it’s crucial in all settings and at all times.”

Martin Mroz

Director, Health & Counselling Services, SFU


"As an Educator, Consent Matters because your voice matters."

Precious Ile

Student Development Educator


"Consent and trust go hand in hand. We trust each other when we need a hand, and CONSENT MATTERS as we build that trust."

Jonathan C. Driver

Vice-President Academic and Provost pro tem

“Consent Matters because - we need to stop violence against Indigenous Women and Girls.” 

Indigenous women’s are 3.5 times more likely to experience violence than non-Indigenous women and homicide rates of Indigenous women are 7 times higher than non-Indigenous women (Native Women’s Association of Canada Fact Sheet)

Marcia Guno

Director, Indigenous Student Centre, SFU

“Consent is a foundation of caring and respectful work environment. I strive to empower those around me to engage in open communication and self-advocacy. Being part of the SFU community is to lift and support those who do not have a voice” 

Karin Kosarzova

Manager, International Student Advising and Programs, International Services for Students, SFU

"Consent is about caring, listening, honouring a person's choices and respecting boundaries. Consent builds trust and trust is a key ingredient in a healthy relationship."

Nadina Dodd

Registered Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist & Case Manager at Fraser International College


“Consent matters as a foundation of shared respect, dignity, personal agency, and freedom of choice. #consentmatters to CPS”

Andrea Ringrose

Director, Campus Public Safety 


"CONSENT MATTERS to me because it's one of the fundamental ways we expresss our respect, compassion and care for each other;

CONSENT MATTERS to me because it's one of the fundamental ways we can preserve everyone's dignity, honour everyone's personal agency, and share our common humanity."

Laurie Anderson

Executive Director, Vancouver Campus

"As Executive Director of the SFU Surrey campus I can hold space to ensure this message is heard loud and clear by all faculty, staff and students."

Stephen Dooley

Executive Director, Surrey Campus

“Consent matters because it opens the door to a more positive relationship with yourself, your body and each other”

Kate Parnell

Instructor, FIC

"Consent matters!"

Hamoon Babachahi

Associate Director, Student Experience FIC

"Strong and caring communities respect individuality, a person's rights and boundaries. It’s our shared responsibility to protect, care and stand-up for one another."

Nav Chima

Director, Community Programs & Partnerships, SFU Surrey

“As an administrator working in support of undergraduate empowerment, CONSENT MATTERS to me because I've seen how it drives open, inclusive governance and policy."

Lawrence Jones

SFSS Transition Manager