SAAM 2022 Keynote

To honour the theme of SAAM 2022, Cultivating a Community of Care, the SVSPO hosted author of I Hope We Choose Love Kai Cheng Thom for an expertiential keynote event on tranformative justice. In this session, Kai Cheng Thom and the Director of the SVSPO, CJ Rowe, addressed the following questions in an open and vulnerable conversation about conflict, harm, social change, and personal growth:

  • What does Transformative Justice --justice that heals, changes, and improves communities-- look like in real life? 
  • How can we create relationships where accountability and forgiveness co-exist? 
  • How can we hold our own bodies, minds, and spirits, with deep compassion and integrity at the same time?

You are invited to watch the recording of the event below. 

About Kai Cheng Thom

Kai Cheng Thom, MSW, MSc, is an author, queer healer, somatic coach, mediator, wicked witch and lasagna lover based in tkaronto/Toronto. As a coach and consultant, Kai Cheng works with individuals and organizations to resolve conflicts, shift systems, and pursue transformative change. Her deep interest in love-based ethics and politics have led her to an ongoing investigation of the ways in which trauma, oppression, and conflict are linked, and how communities can develop the social and emotional technologies to pursue generative conflict transformation. Kai Cheng is the author of I Hope We Choose Love, a book of essays on Transformative Justice. She is also the developer of the Loving Justice, a spiritual and somatic lens on conflict resolution.