Healing Words

Healing Words was created as a workbook for survivors of sexual or gender-based violence who want to reframe, reclaim, and document their stories and experiences. It is intended to be a tool to support survivors in writing their stories in safer spaces, spaces that allow a place to write, to reflect, to heal and, if it feels right, to share.

You don’t have to have previous writing experience to use this workbook. You are invited to start where you are and in ways that make sense for you. You can use all of the writing exercises or none. It is up to you. 

While this workbook can become a tool to support you in your healing journey, it cannot fully replace the benefits of accessing and receiving specialized supports. We invite you to consider connecting with an SVSPO Case Manager or with a support in your home community.

We hope that in using this workbook you might find the value of writing and documenting as a healing tool for trauma: that this workbook provides you with the space to reflect and begin or continue your processes of healing from sexual or gender-based violence.