Project Consent SFU Podcast

What is Project Consent SFU?

Project Consent SFU is a podcast created by the Active Bystander Network (ABN). ABN members come from diverse paths and cultures. They have created this podcast to discuss sensitive topics such as the basics of consent, sex education, rape culture, and healthy relationships, while bringing their unique experiences into the conversation. ABN members have integrated useful academic research and popular media examples with the aim of providing diverse perspectives on relevant topics about sexual violence prevention.

Why we think it is important to have these conversations?

Topics such as sex education, rape culture, consent, and healthy relationships are not easy to bring to the table. ABN members want to invite fellow students to normalize conversations on these subjects, and to not feel ashamed or embarrassed. To create a culture of care and consent, we need to start talking about what impacts us the most, how we can practise consent, and how we can continue to show up for others.

What we hope you get out of listening to this podcast?

We aim to inspire others to be curious and brave enough to share their thoughts and opinions with their social circles and to know that there are no right or wrong answers, only an ongoing learning process. We hope that listeners of Project Consent SFU will learn from our perspectives, as young people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Episode #1

Please click here to download the transcript of Episode 1.

In Episode #1 we have an interesting and meaningful conversation about sex education. We talked about when, where and how sex ed starts based on Canadian studies. We share our perspective about what we have seen, heard, did, learned, and experienced sex ed in our own country and culture. We exchange our thoughts and stories on how we have got sex education lessons and how we respond to situations around us regarding sexuality. We discusse the implications of better sex education, and reflections in how to normalize this conversation.

Episode #2

Please click here to download the transcript of Episode 2. 

In this episode, we discussed the concept of consent, while detailing the applications of this concept in daily life and the importance of it. We shared perspectives on the representation of consent in the media and outlined the potential harm of such depiction in the media. The team exchanged thoughts on why consent is sometimes taken out of the daily conversations, or the conversations between people engaging in sexual activity, explaining how that can be problematic, and proposed ideas on how the barriers to having an open conversation on consent can be overcome.