Make a report

If you are interested in making a report, there may be many options to choose from. You do not need to make a report to access support services. No matter what you choose, the SVSPO can help you learn about your options and access support services—we are here for you. 

Accessing reporting options and looking for justice can look different for all of us. Some may want to report immediately, while others may wait for years before telling someone. Some of us may choose to go to the police, others may choose to report to the university, and some may wish to report to both. To explore options with a case manager, you can reach out to us by email or visit our Contact Us page to explore more options.  

We recognize that making a report to any agency or institution may not feel like a safe option for everyone. For many Survivors from marginalized, policed and criminalized communities, it may not be a viable option at all. Our social locations, including and not limited to race, gender, sexuality, class, and ability, impact not only the ways we are impacted by sexual violence but how we can access reporting options and are believed. The SVSPO believes you and we are here for you. 

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For more information about the reporting process, please refer to this information sheet.