Safe(r) Partying Initiative

As a part of the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office’s (SVSPO) dedication to preventative education, the Safe(r) Partying initiative works to encourage harm reduction practices and an increased awareness of effective active bystander intervention strategies within a party setting.

Tips for Party Goers  

Make a plan for the night

  • Know who you’re going with, how you’re getting there and how you’re getting home.

Get those carbs

  • Eat before taking any substances and remember to keep snacking throughout the night.

Pace yourself

  • We know you’ve heard it before but one glass of water for every drink will help you pace yourself and might even help ward off your hangover the next day!

Practice safer sex

  • Know that consent is an enthusiastic “yes!” and cannot be given while intoxicated.

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning and an overdose

  • Remember C.U.P.S for alcohol poisoning: Cold skin, Unresponsive, Puking, and Slow breathing.
  • Look out for each other! If a friend is overdosing, seek help from someone sober and call a CA, Campus Public Safety, or 911. You won’t get in trouble.

Reduce harm

  • Test your drugs – consider having trained professionals to test drugs at the event.
  • Don’t use alone, and avoid accepting substances or drinks with unknown contents (both from people you know and strangers).

Look out for each other and be an active bystander

  • If you see something, say something!

And don’t forget to have fun!

Tips for Party Throwers  

  • Familiarize yourself with campus policies and local laws

  • Consider whether your proposed venue is equipped to respond when someone experiences sexual violence.

  • Create a safety plan that takes into account emergency situations such as alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, sexual violence and fighting.

  • Ensure that there are first aid providers (with Naloxone training) at the event and that staff and volunteers have appropriate training in recognizing alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses, as well as in active bystander intervention.

  • Consider how you can incorporate consent culture into the event. You may wish to partner with the SVSPO Education staff to learn more.

  • See about how you can incorporate safer alcohol consumption and culture into the event. You may want to partner with the Health Peer Education team.

  • Plan to serve alternatives to alcohol and have lots of water for attendees. Have food/snacks available for free or discounted, such as a happy hour or event menu.

  • Provide safer sex supplies and resources to guests.

  • Ensure that people have access to safe ways home.

  • Ensure that attendees are made aware of supports and resources available to them, like the SVSPO.

Learn More in the Safe(r) Party Plan

The Safe(r) Party Plan, prepared by the SVSPO, provides information for both party throwers and party goers on how to reduce harm before, during, and after the event. The Plan also outlines:  

a. How to be an Active Bystander;

b. How to practice Consent & Empowering Choice;

c. How to Respond to Disclosures;

d. How to access Support Resources.

The Plan is intended to be adopted by SFU university community groups and other relevant university partners who are planning events, to assist in creating safe(r) and respectful party environments.  

Download the SVSPO’s Safe(r) Party Plan today.

Safer Partying Check-list

Our 2023-2024 Active Bystander Network members created a safer partying checklist to share with your friends to create a plan for an evening of fun! Check out this resource made by students for students. Download the resource below.

Safer Partying Plan Checklist

A Note of Thanks

In the formation of this initiative, we thank and recognize the leadership of Caitlin Doherty on this project, as well as the work from our partners including, but not limited to, SFU Active Bystander Network, SFSS Out On Campus, SFSS Women’s Centre, SFU Residence and Housing, SFSS, SFU Health and Counselling, and SFU Athletics.