Consent Matters

Launched in January 2016, the Consent Matters campaign (#ConsentMattersSFU) is an annual campaign hosted by the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO). This year, the campaign takes place from September 19-23 2022. The key message for the 2022 campaign is "Practise consent everywhere."

The primary goal of the Consent Matters campaign is to foster a culture of consent, care, and respect at SFU by:

  • Informing the SFU and FIC community (students, staff, and faculty) about the concept of affirmative consent
  • Offering ideas for how to practise consent in various settings
  • Sharing information to increase awareness about the SVSPO’s support and educational services

Consent Matters Everywhere Crowdsource

Students, staff, and faculty are invited to share their ideas for how to practice consent in various settings by completing the Consent Matters Padlet below. Submissions are anonymous and will be moderated by an SVSPO staff member. Just click on a + icon to add your ideas. Scroll horizontally and vertically within the Padlet to see all the submissions. 

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New Blog Article: Why Consent Matters

Consent matters, not just in personal, sexual relationships–and not just among university students–but in all aspects of our daily lives–whether we are students, staff, or faculty. In this article, we introduce a wholistic conceptualization of consent and offer suggestions for how to practice consent in various settings: in the classroom, in the workplace, in friendships, in sexual relationships, and in family relationships.

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How you can help create a culture of consent