Archival citations

An archival citation contains three parts:

1. Location reference

Name of repository

Title of fonds or collection

Reference designation (numerical designation for physical and intellectual
control).  In the SFU Archives, this will be a set of numbers such as F-1-2-3-4-5.
         In this example, F-1 refers to the fonds
           -2 refers to the series
           -3 refers to the sub-series
           -4 refers to the sub-sub-series
           -5 refers to the file

2. Document description

Either quote the exact title of the document or provide a description of the specific item if there is no title. Include date and page number if available.


1. Letter without a title:

Simon Fraser University Archives. Halpern Family fonds, F-58-2-0-0-9. Paul Kirby to Ida Halpern. 22 July 1954.
Simon Fraser University Archives. SFU Office of the President fonds, F-27-3-3-0-32. Brian Funt to K. Strand. 6 August 1968.

2.  Excerpt from minutes:

Simon Fraser University Archives. East Enders Society fonds, F-59-1-0-0-2. Minutes of meeting of East Enders Society. 24 February 1965.

3. Transcript of interview:

Simon Fraser University Archives. Women's Labour History collection, F-67-1-0-0-36. Transcript of interview of Lil Stoneman; Sara Diamond, interviewer. 1979.

4.  Document with title:

Simon Fraser University Archives. East Enders Society fonds, F-59-6-0-0-1. "The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre," (pamphlet), p. 2. May 1991.