Faculty resources

Here you will find information about the ways that SFU Archives and Records Managment supports the work of SFU Faculty.

Doing archival research as part of coursework

An archives is different from a library, and the rules governing the access and use of archival materials may be unfamiliar to your students. It can be helpful to receive an introduction to researching archival material. You may wish to direct your students to the introductory information on how to access the SFU Archival holdings or contact the Archives to arrange for a tour or a speaker on the subject.

Accessing archived departmental files

The RRSDAs for some types of departmental files specify that, at the end of their storage period, they are scheduled for transfer to SFU's permanent archival holdings. If you are interested in researching departmental history, review our holdings in SFU Atom to see if your department's records have been transferred to the Archives. If you wish to view the records, you will need to make arrangements with an Archivist.

Maintaining your graduate student records

Ensuring your personal graduate student files are in order and organized according to prescribed University Records Retention Schedules can help to ensure that records are easy to access when needed. It can also simplify processing an FOI request and helps to protect the student's personal information.

SFU Atom

Browse our holdings.

SFU Copyright Office

For any matters relating to copyright, this area is now managed by the library.

* Glossary of Archival Terms.pdf
A comprehensive list of specific terminology used in archives, records management and FIPPA.