Directory of university records

The Directory of University Records (DUR) is a guide to the records and record-keeping systems maintained by Simon Fraser University in its administrative offices and academic faculties, departments, schools, centres and research institutes.

The DUR contains three major resources to aid with records management: The Records Retention Schedules and Disposal Authorities (RRSDAs), the Personal Information Directory (PID) and the Model File Classification Plan.

Please be advised the Directory of University Records is undergoing revisions. Some of the RRSDAs and PIBs may be out of date. Anticipated launch of the revised site is spring 2023. Please direct any questions to the Records Management Archivist

Records Retention Schedules and Disposal Authorities (RRSDAS)

RRSDAs regulate the retention periods of various series of records and specify the final disposition of the records at the end of the retention period (destruction or transfer to Archives).



If you have not worked with RRSDAs before, read this overview.

Personal Information Directory (PID)

The Personal Information Directory describes and locates the Personal Information Banks (PIBs) created at SFU. A PIB is a collection of personal information that is organized by and capable of being retrieved using an individual's name, identifying number or some other personal identifier.



To improve your understanding of Personal Information Banks, refer to this overview.

Model File Classification Plan

The Model Plan provides classification categories that SFU departments can adapt to organize and manage their paper and electronic records.