Changes and corrections to personal information

What do I do if there is an error in my personal information?

FIPPA gives you the right to request a correction to your personal information in SFU records.

If you believe there is an error or omission in the University’s records about you, you can request a correction by following the procedure outlined below.

Process for making changes and corrections

Start by contacting the head of the department or office that has the information you want to change or correct. Let them know which information needs correction, and why.

If you are not satisfied with the department’s response to your request for correction, you can re-submit your request in writing to the Information and Privacy Coordinator, Archives and Records Management Department.

Your request should contain:

  • a description of the information to be corrected,
  • the location of the information (i.e. the university department or office that has custody and control of the records containing your personal information),
  • the correction you want made,
  • the reasons for the correction.

The University then processes your request and determines whether the correction will be made. Once the university has reached a decision, you’ll be notified in writing either that the correction has been made or that your request has been denied.

If your request for correction is approved, the university will delete the original, incorrect information and replace it with the correct information as requested.

If your request for correction is denied, the university will annotate the information with the requested correction but will not correct it (in other words, the original information will remain on your record).

Please note that requests for correction can only be made with respect to factual personal information—like your date of birth, the spelling of your name or your marital status. Opinions about you, such as evaluative comments or assessments, are personal information—but are not facts.  It isn’t possible to correct or annotate opinions. Any requests to do so will not be processed as formal requests for correction of personal information. If you disagree with an evaluation or assessment, you may speak with the evaluator about it or write a letter disputing the evaluation or assessment to the head of the department or office responsible for the information.

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