Appointment of Second Information and Privacy Officer

The Archives and Records Management Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexandra Wieland as the Department's second Information and Privacy Officer. Working in conjunction with Craig Neelands, Alexandra will expand our Access and Privacy Program with a special emphasis on privacy-related activities, including:

  • Advising on, reviewing, and recommending for approval Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) conducted for new or redesigned university business processes and information technology systems so as to eliminate or reduce potential privacy risks;
  • Designing and delivering training to university employees on their privacy responsibilities under FIPPA;
  • Advising university departments and employees on fair information practices (collection, accuracy, correction, protection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information);
  • Recommending and drafting new access, privacy, and information policies and procedures; and Participating in the overall operations of the Archives and Records Management Department in recognition of the integrated nature of its three program areas.

Please feel free to contact Alexandra with any privacy-related questions or concerns.