Consortium - MEdOuest

Consortium of Western Canadian universities

SFU and three other universities in Western Canada formed a Consortium to put their resources in common to offer students more access to Master programs in French and to a wider selection of courses.

For SFU students in the Master's programs, the Consortium gives them access to courses and specializations that are not available at SFU. These courses are optional and additional.

SFU Online Master's program

Some of the courses in the online Master's program at SFU are part of the course offerings of the MedOuest Consortium.  

In the 3rd or 4th semester, SFU students have the option of taking a course offered by the partner universities or to take a Directed Reading course at SFU. The credits can be transferred to SFU.

SFU students in both the Master's programs on campus or online can take courses offered by the MedOuest Consortium partner universities.

Objectives of the Consortium

  • propose course and program delivery modes that respond to particular needs and circumstances of teachers in the four Western Canadian provinces
  • promote Graduate Programs in French education offered by the partners
  • facilitate the transfer of courses between partner universities
  • coordinate the programming of courses offered by each member of the Consortium
  • establish a mode of governance, management and funding to ensure engagement of the universities, participation of the Faculties of Education and Graduate Studies and long term success of the Consortium

Partner Universities

Université de Saint-Boniface is the only French-language university in the province of Manitoba, Canada and is the first postsecondary educational institution to be established in Western Canada. Today, it offers first-class general and specialized university degree programs as well as technical and professional training that enhances employability in the current job market.

The Institut français de l’Université de Regina is unique in the world of Canadian universities. Active and engaged in the global development of the Francophone community of Saskatchewan, the institute is on the leading edge of the transformations in the Canadian Francophonie. It offers a Francophone living environment within the University of Regina, which is known for its dynamism and its innovative spirit in the world of education and research.  Its services and programs prepare students to excel anywhere in the world.  The Université de Regina is a member of the Association des universités et collèges du Canada (AUCC).

The Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ), situated in Edmonton the capital of Alberta, is an integral part of the University of Alberta. It is a growing Francophone jewel in the heart of western Canada. Students can enjoy a unique experience.  The average number of students per class is small so the quality of the education is enhanced.  In addition, the Campus Saint-Jean offers a variety of programs and its graduates are in high demand in Canada and abroad.  The Université d'Alberta is a member of the Association des universités et collèges du Canada (AUCC).

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is situated close to Vancouver, British Columbia. SFU's Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs' (OFFA) mission is to develop, coordinate and promote courses and programs in French within the Faculties of the university to respond to postsecondary education needs of the Francophone and Francophile communities of British Columbia.  Simon Fraser University has three campuses (Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver), and more than 25,000 students and 700 regular professors.  The university has earned an enviable reputation for its innovative teaching practices, research projects and community interventions.  Simon Fraser University is a member of the Association des universités et collèges du Canada (AUCC) as well as the Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF).

Enrolling in courses at SFU

Students from the three other universities of the Consortium who wish to enroll in a course (online M.Ed.) must start the enrolment process around 6 weeks before the start of the course. Students must fill out the Western Deans' Agreement and submit it to the Faculty and to the Dean of Graduate Studies of their home university. Once the form is filled out and signed by the home institution, it is sent to the Dean of Graduate Studies at SFU (host institution).  The staff in the Office of Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Education at SFU will then contact the students.