Professional Development Program - French Module


If you are interested in the options of the English PDP module, click on this link. You will be redirected to the Faculty of Education PDP website.

The Dual Program option is available only to students in the PDP French Module. The BEd second degree and Explore Program are available to all PDP students.

Bachelor of Education (BEd) as a second degree (optional)

With careful course and minor selection during the professional coursework  semester (EDUC 404), student teachers have the option of completing a Bachelor of Education (BEd) as a second degree. The BEd can be completed during the program at no additional time or cost.  

To complete the BEd as a second degree, student teachers must have a Bachelor's degree from an approved institution and meet SFU's literacy and quantitative requirements. Student teachers must also:  

  • Take a minimum of 15 upper division EDUC units during the EDUC 404 semester, including a Q course;
  • Meet the requirements of an Education minor within the 15 upper division EDUC units;

The BEd as a second degree is an internationally-recognized credential and a great option for student teachers who are considering teaching overseas. Completion of the BEd as a second degree is strictly optional and does not affect the BC Teaching Certificate recommendation in any way.

Dual Program

  • Partnership between SFU and the Université de Tours in France
  • First semester of the PDP French Module at the Université de Tours in France followed by three semesters of the PDP French Module at SFU
  • Additional session after the PDP, from January to June, for students interested in the complete Master

The Dual Program gives students the option of obtaining both the Teaching Certificate from the Teacher Regulation Branch and the Master from the Université de Tours.

Explore Program

The Explore Program provides a unique experience to perfect your French and discover the cultural richness of the Canadian Francophonie.