Research Interests
Dr. Mark Fettes
Associate Professor
  • language maintenance and revitalization
  • cultural diversity and intercultural communication
  • management of multilingualism
Dr. Vicki Kelly
Associate Professor
  • indigenous epistemologies
  • knowledge practices and pedagogies
  • education for reconciliation and healing
  • art as an indigenous knowledge practice and as a site for activism
  • indigeneity and indigenous resurgence
  • integration of indigenous knowledge practices and pedagogies in ecological education
  • the role of the arts in human development
  • Métissage as inquiry and curriculum
  • place-based performance and art as inquiry
Dr. Lucy Le Mare
Associate Professor
  • social and emotional development
  • social and emotional education
  • risk and resilience
  • early childhood
  • attachment
Dr. Margaret MacDonald
Associate Professor
  • early childhood education
  • pedagogical documentation
  • intergenerational teaching and learning
  • formative assessment
  • heritage language revitalization
  • responsive curriculum development
Dr. Michelle Pidgeon
Assistant Professor
  • higher education leadership
  • organizational theory
  • research method
  • postsecondary aspirations, access, and affordability
  • community engaged research
  • program evaluation
Dr. Michèle Schmidt
Associate Professor
  • aboriginal university preparaton program evaluation
  • parenting & school
  • accountability and assessment in British Columbia schools
Dr. Dolores van der Wey
Associate Professor
  • critical indigenous education
  • aboriginal literature and pedagogy
  • equity studies in education
  • critical literacy education
  • teacher education
  • coalition politics
Dr. David Zandvliet
Associate Professor
  • science, technology and environmental education
  • learning environment
  • sustainable urban neighbourhood networks
  • environmental learning and experience
  • ecological literacy