Research Interests
Dr. Heesoon Bai
  • cultural practices
  • ethics and aesthetics
Dr. Susan Barber
  • creative writing
  • narrative inquiry
  • learning through literature
  • academic writing
  • teaching language arts
  • video instruction
  • philosophy of education
  • moral education
Dr. Lynn Fels
Associate Professor
  • performative inquiry
  • arts for social change
  • arts across the curriculum
  • teacher education
  • curriculum
  • performative writing
  • arts-based research
  • natality
Dr. Vicki Kelly
Associate Professor
  • indigenous epistemologies
  • knowledge practices and pedagogies
  • education for reconciliation and healing
  • art as an indigenous knowledge practice and as a site for activism
  • indigeneity and indigenous resurgence
  • integration of indigenous knowledge practices and pedagogies in ecological education
  • the role of the arts in human development
  • Métissage as inquiry and curriculum
  • place-based performance and art as inquiry
Dr. Michael Ling
Senior Lecturer
  • philosophy and history of Ideas; Educational Theory
  • Teacher Education
  • Social Contexts of Education
  • Social and Cultural Theory
  • the History of Universities
  • Aesthetics
  • Cross-cultural Approaches to the Arts and Performance; Contemporary and Popular Culture
  • Sociology and Psychology of Creativity, Methodology, History of Inquiry, Teacher Inquiry, Self-study
Dr. Jan MacLean
Senior Lecturer
  • art and literacy
  • inclusive education
  • art and social change
Dr. Carolyn Mamchur
  • narrative and Jungian archetypes
  • interspecies communication
  • empathy and awareness
Dr. Susan O'Neill
Associate Professor
  • music and arts learning and engagement
  • youth culture and creativity
  • creative collaborations
  • arts and digital media
Dr. Yaroslav Senyshyn
  • interdisciplinary research in arts and moral education
  • existential-phenomenological approach
  • discursive analysis
  • performance anxiety
  • creative performance
  • teaching and music aesthetics
Dr. Celeste Snowber
Associate Professor
  • embodiment
  • arts-based research
  • performative and poetic inquiry
  • somatics
  • arts/dance education
  • spirituality
  • curriculum theory
  • site-specific performance